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At Frontier Design we believe in the future. We believe in a rethink to how we use furniture within our spaces. And how we make them.

We are designers, makers and fabricators based in Sweden. Our products and designs are specifically made for fabrication using CNC Machines cut with sheet material. Our aim is for great design to be available for everyone at low costs. 


Who we are

Scott Barclay originally from Scotland, is the founder and lead designer for Frontier Design – a small furniture design company based in Bollnäs, Sweden. With a background in the creative industry, Scott was awarded with an MFA-degree (master of fine art) from DJCAD in 2013.


Scott has always had an interest for design and art and found his passion for working with wood when he relocated to Scandinavia: ”Working with wood, birch in particular, is something that really has sparked a rebirth in the creative thinking. It is such an amazing material to work with”.


The idea for the Frontier system has grown over the past years, from finding the perfect storage that doesn’t have to be discarded because your life is changing: ”The Frontier System is forever changing, it will change with you, to your needs.”


The fact that the Frontier System does not contain any screws, it is simply just wood and some glue for extra stability, makes the products real and honest. They are just natural, endless and timeless wooden crates.  


What we do

The Frontier Design System is a collection of interchangeable, stackable modules able to change and adapt to its users requirements. We believe in making simple products well. Combining quality, eco-conscious materials and contemporary functional design we offer products free from screws and complex fasteners, we prefer simple traditional joinery, playful, beautiful and built to last.


Utilizing modern working methods we offer a sustainable and social alternative to mass production. Everything is designed, fabricated and hand finished in one location (Bollnäs, Sweden). This allows us greater control over the quality of the products we offer, making sure that distances between us and our customers are kept minimal. 

Whether you need one storage box, or wish to build an entire system our products are in the customers hands, be creative have fun!


Choice of materials

We create all our modules in Plywood wich is a simple yet extremely attractive and versatile material – the same standards we hold to our design. It seems it's a match made in heaven! 


Construction & Design

Combining quality, eco-conscious materials and contemporary functional design we create Frontier Design's modules. Our system requires no assembling, the simple stacking mechanism allows our modules to be securely stacked without hardware or tools and without the need to be permanently attached*, which allows ease when changing modules and avoiding the need to find specialist hardware.


Each module itself is constructed without nails or screws**. We felt this was necessary as it detracts from the simplicity of our products. It was also considered for environmental reasons, that when the product reaches the end of its life, it can hopefully be reused as part of a circular economy.