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Why commission based reselling is the worst thing you can do

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

... if you want to run a successful business.

So you are thinking about signing up but feel the strain of having to pay every month regardless of you making sales or not. You are thinking, traditional commission based reselling would be much more appropriate, and you would sign up straight away. Now I am gonna burst that little bubble and tell you you are wrong. The following are reasons to why having a monthly payment is way better for you and why commission based reselling would be the worst thing for you to sign up to.

Before we move on I will say that commission based selling techniques are highly motivational and gets great results - when they mean that you get more money based on how much you sell.

However in the type of agreement that is implemented when you are a reseller means you get less money the more you sell - It's crazy, I know! How can you ever be motivated to do a good job and sell more if you know that you are gonna have to give some of that money away?! It’s logical if you think about it.

So here are the reasons for why you should choose monthly payment structures instead of commission based reselling.


Let’s not call it reselling. You make it and you sell it, it is a sale. You take the credit.

If it is commission based you don’t get the sense that it is your job, you feel like you have just been a part of someone else’s sale. We want YOU to take pride in the products you make, you do the work, you take the credit. Yes, it is our design, but it is your craftsmanship.

Now if you don’t like the products, then do not sell them. We want you to be proud of the great furniture you make, and take pride in the fact that you are a part of changing the way furniture is made and consumed.



When you know it is a (although in this case very small) monthly payment you will always strive to sell more and do a better job for your customers, which is the essential part of running a successful business.

Commission based selling tends to make you lazy, just waiting for orders to magically appear and you can make a little money by doing exactly what you have been told by the commissioner.

That is the opposite of what we want - we don’t want to tell you how to sell, what to sell, where to sell or to whom to sell. You know what your business goal is, you know what your customers want, what you want. Make it happen!



Now some of you will think, if a lot of makers are selling the same products each individual maker sales will be less. Again, wrong. By having a community of makers pushing the same products, the products exposure multiply and you will have customers coming to you asking for the products.

When you get more exposure from the maker community, the rest of your products will naturally get seen by more people, and again, resulting in more sales.

Specifically for the outpost programme the monthly sum is so small that it would be worth it simply to get the exposure, now you also get the designs in that price. There is absolutely no downside to this. There is no risk. It is a simple sign up procedure and then you can start selling.

Sign up today to boost your business!


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