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Outpost Programme Info

With the Frontier Design Outpost programme launching in the next few weeks let's take a look at some information regarding who we are, what we are doing and what the Outpost programme is!

What is the Frontier Design Outpost programme?

The concept of the Outpost programme is a subscription based service that offers high quality CNC ready furniture files and a commercial licence for businesses/manufacturers to sell them. We take no commission on any product sold by a seller. The idea is to give small to medium sized furniture makers a selection of carefully designed and curated product library but without the hassle of designing, prototyping and putting into pre-production. We are the short-cut!

By re-thinking the way in which furniture is manufactured and moved, eliminating time consuming shipping and storage of products. We wish to give people an alternate route to mass-produced low quality furniture. Instead we want, locally made, high quality hand built (with the help of machines), low-carbon and good value for money.

The current way of making only works for a few, let’s change it so it works for everyone!

Our model allows Outpost members to remain as autonomous as possible and avoid becoming ‘middle-manned’, none the less keeping to our manufacturing guidelines which ensures high quality products.

Our Outpost subscription pricing is extremely competitive and has a selection of plans depending on what you wish to make and sell.

The Outpost programme is a product design source for makers from all over the world

What do you offer as part of the Outpost programme?

With a range of subscription packages at varying price points we aim to have something for every business type various. Whether a start-up with limited funds or an established business. Our primary aim is to provide value for money, via a wide array of tools and services.

What we offer

  • Commercial License to sell Frontier Design products

  • Optimised .dxf furniture files

  • Product image database

  • Visibility via our website and social media platforms

  • Clickable link to your website from our ‘get quote’ section

  • Customer and manufacturer assembly guidelines

  • Standardised production; materials, hardware and software

  • Access to community forum and direct contact with a Frontier Design team member

  • Quarterly product releases*

  • Product iteration updates

  • Access to innovation via our products but as part of a sharing economy focussed on providing high quality products that are affordable and local.

Who are you?

We are a small team of Dreamers, designers and makers based in Bollnäs, Sweden. Just because we are based in a small town doesn’t mean our dreams aren’t big. We believe in sharing design and making great products available to everyone, no matter where you are.

Do you take commission from sales?

No. And this has always been an important point for us. We feel that this way of working (commission) is outdated and not applicable for lots of business and makers. Our subscription service works in a way that sees makers make all of the profit from their sales. We know what it takes to make high quality products and the makers are the real heroes. Our pricing for subscriptions is extremely competitive. And the recommended prices for our products ensure that businesses and consumers are treated fairly, profit for makers and affordability for consumers.

What are your design files?

We don't only supply great product design, but the cheat sheet to make them! All of our products are designed to be made using a CNC machine. If you want to more about what is included in our design files why not take a look at our product pages, or even download the free file and take a look under the bonnet. A large portion of our customer base are returning customers. We feel this is a sign that we are doing something right!

Will I be able to make your products?

We have spent a great deal of development time making sure that every product is a simple to manufacture as possible. To help you understand what you get with each file, we highly recommend you download the free file in the download section of our website. And if you are interested in becoming an Outpost member that you make at least one product so you know what is expected to get from file to finished product.

What CAD Software do you use?

For both our CAD and CAM we use Fusion360. We highly recommend this for all our Outpost members as it is a great tool and is becoming the industry standard. However the .dxf files that come with our furniture files can be used with multiple platforms.

Why do you sell your design files privately?

This is an easy question to answer. The answer is, why not!? If you had access to a CNC whether it being your own or at a makers space, then we guess that you are the type of person that likes to make things! In that case we would be more than happy for those people to use our files to make great products. Perhaps they will become our next member to our Outpost programme!

If you are interested in becoming a member, make sure you download and make the free file ( or any Frontier Design products). This will be required as part of the onboarding process. You can also email us at and we will add you to our primary contact list. Let's get making!