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Looks good. Sounds better (Part 1. The concept)

Initial brief:

Product concept. How can we help customers visualise and understand the dynamics and potential our product system. Distilling the best qualities and versatility of our Frontier system into a series of ‘conceptual modules’?

That was the brief we set ourselves. A stand alone showcase product, utilising all our skills and experiences we had gathered so far. The outcome, something unique and visually powerful, but within the context of our design style.

After wading through stacks of sketches and ideas we arrived at an answer. Step forward the ‘Muddus’ speaker system.

Never intended for full production, but destined to blow us away! The Muddus speaker system looks good....and then some!

The essence of our stacking system is versatility and modularity. Our daily lives revolve around change. Constant change! An apt metaphor for that would a musician. Tour dates and locations. A cycle of constant travel and logistics. From wide open spaces to intimate rooms. Mountains of equipment from lights to microphones to…yes, speakers

That was our thought process. An item used ubiquitously by all…especially the musician. The humble speaker.

Again came the stacks of sketches and prototypes (I will save my blushes by not showing you the sketches!) until we arrived at the product you see. I have always heard that no speaker sounds as good as the one you make yourself and its totally true.

I wouldn’t say have an ear for music, but this thing looks good, and sounds better! Fully airtight (excluding the flared port tubes), movable, stackable and interchangeable. A removable front grill with specially sourced acoustic felt. Interior ribs that give the module the extra strength it needs for cranking the volume up full. And of course, lined with internal dampening to sooth those wild vibrations.

It is of course a concept. It was never intended to be put into full production. Like the initial brief stated, it was a product meant to distill the best qualities and versatility of our Frontier system. We think it achieved that…and then some!

Magnetic magic. The removable grill can be easily put on or taken off

Stack 'em up and blow everyone away! A system that suits the users needs, easily modular and endlessly stackable

Building a full sound system? That's the magic. It is fully integratable with our stacking system, imagine building your own custom sound system. With modules that perfectly fit all your LP's, or a module for integrating a record player. The speakers really define the potential of our system...It also leaves us yearning for more!

Note* The plinth you see included in some of these pictures is from a separate concept project. Keep an eye out for our journey to kerfing and beyond!

If you enjoyed reading this post, subscribe and stay tuned for part 2. Where I will guide you through the stages from initial sketches to final product. The pitfalls and successes and what we learned about making speakers the Frontier way!