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Introducing the Kompis desk.

What makes a good working desk?

Perhaps space for 5 computer screens, or 10 built in international adapter ports, or a thingamajig holder and don't forget a hat know, just incase.

Sometimes you think the things that are most 'kitted out' are the most useful and most valuable to your daily life. However, generally speaking you won't use these things. Perhaps what you need is a clean, simple and practical place to work. We have enough to deal with already, an overcomplicated desk shouldn't be one of those things.

We didn't think so either. So we have created the Kompis desk (which means buddy). The premise is simple. A generous surface to work on, a simple storage space underneath and a practical cable management compartment at the back. Which you can access both from the desk, via a neat lid, or through a hole underneath, allowing you to charge devices when not in use.

The desk also had to be easily assembled and disassembled. Proportions balanced with enough space to spread out, yet nimble and unobtrusive and suitable for any creative working space.

If you think of the Kompis desk in those terms it is pretty complex. The difference being, we don't want you to see all those things. Thats the hardest part of good design...making something simple as possible.

...Thingamajigs not included...


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