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Fusion 360 Walkthrough - Kompis Desk (CAD)

A very brief introduction to preparing the Kompis Desk file with FUSION360

Preparing a Frontier Design dxf file for manufacturing is a relatively simple process using Fusion 360. With a rough estimate you could be ready to manufacture a product within 30 minutes, which is extremely efficient. This video is just focussing on the CAD portion. We will release another soon containing the CAM portion. If you have any questions regarding what you see in this video, don't hesitate to contact us at

Happy making.



Insert DXF files.

Make sure the units are set to CM

And you select One sketch per layer


Some of the text on the sketch layers are just for product identification, so you can tidy those up by highlighting and deleting the parts that are not important.


You can begin extruding the sketch layers starting with the STOCK sketch. The STOCK sketch gives you information as to how thick the material is meant to be. In this case 18mm

When extruding its find it easier to subtract. So for the STOCK I will extrude -18mm (minus 18)

After extruding the STOCK I usually hide it. Its purpose is for the CAD portion as it is the material we will be selecting as our model body


Now you can work your way through all of the sketch layers and extruding the parts that are highlighted.

Make sure the parts bodies are turned ON so you are extruding into them. And like the STOCK layer you are cutting into the parts by selecting - (minus) then the mm amount. You can turn ON and OFF each sketch as you work through them.


After all parts are extruded and check you can move to the MANUFACTURE space.

Make a new setup, choosing the STOCK as the Model body.

Then you can work though your usual CAM process.

As always, make sure that before cutting, check tolerances and apply to joints accordingly. This is a crucial step to ensure all pieces can be assembled with minimal fuss.


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