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Outpost Programme

The Future of Making

The concept of the Outpost programme is a subscription based service that offers high quality CNC ready furniture design files and a commercial licence for businesses/manufacturers to sell them. We take no commission on any product sold by a seller. The idea is to give small to medium sized furniture makers a selection of carefully designed and curated products but without the risk and overhead of designing, prototyping and putting into pre-production. We provide a short-cut!


By re-thinking the way in which furniture is manufactured, transported and sold we aim to give customers an alternate route to mass-produced low quality furniture. Instead we want, locally made, high quality hand built (with the help of machines), low-carbon and good value for money.


Whether manufacturing limited runs of products, only selling our products or supplementing your current product inventory. We have a solution, a product, and a subscription to suit your needs. 

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Outpost Subscription 

Outpost memberships

Frontier Design System

Multi Plus System +

All current designs (not including 'systems')

Product iteration updates

Access to community forum

New designs (Quartely)

Promotion via social media

Named link on our website

Commercial license to sell Frontier Design products

Outpost Yearly

4939 €

Per year

Outpost Monthly

449 €

Per month


Need technical support? Email support direct from a team member included with every subscription option. 

No risk. Our 6 month standard contract reduces risk for us, but most importantly, you. 

Join us. We are building a global community of makers and sellers who care about providing people with high quality affordable furniture.  

Super charge your business. Supplement Frontier Design products with your own. Make special runs or start from scratch only offering our products. The choice is yours. 

An ever growing library. With over 30 designs currently listed and new designs* released quarterly You will never run out of great products to offer your customers.

Access to our product image database. No more photoshoots! With our massive library of hundreds of images you can focus on making and selling great products straight away.

All of our files are provided in DXF Format. Almost universally compatible and idea for sharing furniture design. For CAD we highly recommend Fusion360 as it is an exceptional tool for both CAD and CAM.

*New release products are only included as part of the pro subscription package.

Outpost Subscription

Outpost Yearly

4939 €

Per year

Outpost Monthly

449 €

Per month


*All Subscription packages can be paid yearly with a large discount on price. Select option at checkout.


Need technical support? Email support direct from a team member included with every subscription.

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