A System For Life

The Frontier Design System is a collection of interchangeable, stackable modules able to change and adapt to its users requirements. We have decided to take an alternate route to flat-pack furniture. Our modules come complete and ready for use, the scale and purpose is for the user to define.


Like micro-organisms our modules can exist as a single unit, a system of modules or can be divided and become something else entirely. Our products can fullfil multiple roles and can be endlessly built on and changed. In a world filled with obsolescence we hope our products can remain practical and functional throughout their use. Whether you need one storage box, or wish to build an entire system our products are in the customers hands, be creative have fun!

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Top Modules

HAMRA – Flip Top
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Main Modules

KOSTERHAVET – Single Drawer
NORRA KVILL – Single Open
PIELJEKAISE – Perforated
KEBNEKAISE – Perforated
ABISKO – Standard Crate
ÅSNEN – Double Locker
HAPARANDA – Double Vinyl
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Base Modules

ÄNGSÖ – Leg Base
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TIVEDEN – Toolbox
REIVO – Small Box Set
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Acoustic Textile Felt »
LIDS – Holes/Handle »
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If you have any special requirements or designs for modules that are not fulfilled by our current standard products, please contact us and we will get in touch with you regarding custom modules to suit your needs!