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Here you will find all of our products ready to be downloaded as digital fabrication files. You can open these files with any CAD or CAM software and then be machined on a CNC machine (Ideally large format).
This allows anyone to make our great products anywhere, anytime. 


Any files that are purchased from here are for Personal use only and naturally we cannot be held accountable for any fault or defects. Be careful and have fun!

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About your file

All Frontier Design product fabrication files contain these things; a DXF File, a SVG File and two PDF Files... Simple, right?



A DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file is a universal format for storing CAD models. Each file contains a series of lines which identify each part of a particular piece of furniture. This allows you to program a CNC machine to follow these lines and cut out a great piece of furniture.



A SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector graphic format, which is ideal for saving sharp and scalable design files as two-dimensional shapes and lines. In some applications the use of a SVG allows you to skip the CAD process. In many cases, making fabrication easier.



Every digital fabrication file comes with two PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

The first is the Assembly Guide:

Every Assembly Guide is unique to each product in the Frontier Design library. They are simple instructions for you to follow in order for you build your piece of furniture. Any extra parts or hardware are also listed making assembly a breeze.

The second is SVG Cutting Guidelines:

Just a simple files making sure you are on point with what should be done with your SVG file to ensure you know exactly what to do when it comes to cutting time!

DXF ex.png

Try for free!

Don’t worry, we of course have a free file for you to download, check out and make if you want… If you do, we are sure you’ll be back for more! Enjoy.

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